0719. Poor man’s porridge. Stodgy somnolence.

1010. Banana. Feels like straw in my mouth.

1254. Crackers. Need a coffee. Work sucks.

1424. Eat a dry sandwich in the car. Cry. Fuck my life.

1444. The barista is the kindest man in the universe. He brings my takeaway to me while I’m distracted by the crossword page.

1700. Apple in bed.

1742. Peanut butter. In bed. Erotique.

2036. Pizza with some blond guy at the diner. The waitress is crazy. We drink beer. Angie’s doppelganger is loitering at the bar.

2141. Mango ice cream with carton custard. Fall asleep on reddit with crusted smear of cream on my face.


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