0830. Coffee #1.

0916. Coffee #2. Buzzing.

1253. Red wine. Wedding. Eurgh.



0928. The instant coffee churns in my belly, roiling and burning.

1423. Banana cake. Gluten-free or something. Who cares. Fruit? Incoherently overworked.

1920. Pizza. Cheese flies by in the wind.

2123. Ice cream and a glass of wine. Calcium is good for you. J curve alcohol consumption. Antioxidants!


0755. Coffee. Coffee. Call in sick.

1036. Eat a banana while lying in bed. I get one of those stringy things in my eye.

1322. Toast. Optimal browning achieved.

1418. Chocolate bar. Teeth melt into my tongue.

1914. I want to bash something with this frying pan. Instead I eat fried eggs and wonder why I dream about body parts falling off.

2054. Ice cream. Chocolate gunk on top. Write bad poetry under the covers.


1920. Porridge. Gruel. Slop. I watch the shiny newsreaders from my cell.

1310. Half eat sandwich.

1425. Watch the shit hit the fan. Eat the second half of my sandwich. Break another row off the chocolate block.

1652. Eat a circular cracker of salty hope. Gotta get out of here.

1754. Home. Apple consumed. Was Granny Smith a mad old bitch? Will I become one too?

1930. Eggs and bitter, bitter aubergines.

2210. Ice cream in a fucking mug.


0523. I wake up, stare at the oven clock. Go back to chomping demons in my sleep.

0911. White coffee, and one of those eggy pastry things they sell up the road. My bedmate spills crumbs on one of those obscene “culture” magazines you only buy (and never read) when you’re at the airport.

1146. Two pickles and an olive.

1401. Peanut butter and toast. I like the way the knife crushes the bread with such dumb force.

1504. Cream of mushroom soup, that powdered stuff. I make the mistake of reading the label, but drink it anyway, getting high on the hazy mix of salt and thickeners.

2012. Beans, buckwheat and broccoli. The moisture forms a brown sludge in the bowl. It goes down the sink.

2110. Ice cream and chocolate flavoured topping. I lie in bed and wonder why Freud thought every boy was Oedipus.


0935. Emerge from a hellish week. Eat donuts while jumper-girl discusses Steiner and Freedom. I drink 2 filter coffees and think about my washing

13:30. Eat peanut butter toast, and some kind of spring vegetable soup from a sachet. Read up about making a toaster.

1735. Angst overcomes me. I take an Ativan and a dry biscuit. Like sad drunk.

1921. We find ourselves at a party. The heater is a Dyson. It cost $400 from the department store. I eat my whiteman’s dhal with parsley. The red drips off my chapped lips.


0719. Poor man’s porridge. Stodgy somnolence.

1010. Banana. Feels like straw in my mouth.

1254. Crackers. Need a coffee. Work sucks.

1424. Eat a dry sandwich in the car. Cry. Fuck my life.

1444. The barista is the kindest man in the universe. He brings my takeaway to me while I’m distracted by the crossword page.

1700. Apple in bed.

1742. Peanut butter. In bed. Erotique.

2036. Pizza with some blond guy at the diner. The waitress is crazy. We drink beer. Angie’s doppelganger is loitering at the bar.

2141. Mango ice cream with carton custard. Fall asleep on reddit with crusted smear of cream on my face.